「テクノロジー」それは、心ある人が創り出すもの。「 未来 」それは、テクノロジーで築く、心地よく幸せな人々の社会。

TAZMO is continuing to take on the challenges of creating leading technology based on the company’s vision of “Technology for people.” Our unique technology is contributing to the expansion of the precision machining and mechatronics fields and is receiving high acclaim at home and abroad. As a good partner to corporate customers, we support the enhancement of production systems and functions through high quality products. Presently, TAZMO provides products to businesses around the world. In Asia, we have established production and sales bases in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Korea to collaborate with customers more closely and provide speedy responses to costomers, demands, including maintenance. TAZMO technology and development capabilities in the semiconductor and LCD-related manufacturing fields are among the best worldwide, and going forward we will expand in other areas of the world to respond to needs of customers around the world.

President and Representative Director Toshio Ikeda